Helping Health Insurers Close Care Gaps




Unfortunately in today’s disjointed healthcare system, patients don’t always get the care they need.  Often this is an awareness or an access issue.  Even while health professional at insurance companies and healthcare providers know what is clinical and statistically best for patients, these gaps in care persist.

As health plans are increasingly held to quality standards by employers and the government, the need to adhere to these clinical quality standards increases exponentially.  Financial reimbursement is tied to such guidelines as HEDIS for Medicaid or STARS for Medicare.  The ability to close even a few care gaps could have very real financial implications for health insurers.



Analyte Health offers a customized set of solutions to help health plans close care gaps based on diagnostic testing.

With the ability to create custom online user experiences, and interface directly with an insurers member portal or underlying systems,

we can create scale based campaigns across all 50 states designed to ensure those members that should be tested are tested.  Whether its Hemoglobin A1C test for diabetics, or cholesterol tests, or colon cancer screens, we can rapidly and efficiently help close tens of thousands of care gaps tied to diagnostics.



Immediate national coverage

Proven digital marketing capability

Full, one-stop-shop capabilities

Custom designed solutions based on our a la carte services menu

Proven system integration capabilities for efficient scale based programs