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Specialty labs are great at investing new science to find new diagnostic tests that have clinical applications.

Where many such labs struggle is bringing new tests to market.  Often this is done the traditional way, with an almost exclusive focus on the “supply side” of the market – physicians.  In traditional go-to-market executions, specialty labs would employ expensive field sales force to call on and educate physicians one at a time.  At the same time, similarly expensive key influencer campaigns would seek to gain traction with high profile physicians in an attempt to influence their colleagues clinical awareness and practice patterns.  Then, after sufficient supply side awareness is built, many of these labs then license their technologies to the major labs, relying on them to further generate market awareness.



Analyte Health offers a different approach to augment and accelerate these traditional methods.

By leveraging the one-to-one marketing power of digital endeavors, Analyte Health focuses on the “demand side” of the equation by directly educating consumers about the availability of a new test.  By seeking out consumers with a specific interest in a disease or condition, Analyte Health can then match that interest with a new diagnostic test.

And because we bring together digital marketing, a national footprint of labs, and a telehealth physician practice, we are able to smoothly and easily provide appropriate patients seamless access to diagnostic tests, all from their computer.

Additionally, with our relationships with various pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders, we can often create a coalition of organizations that are all interested in promoting consumer awareness of a new test.  Under some such programs, testing may be partially or fully subsidized by another partner, while the lab test is provided by an innovative specialty diagnostic company.  This results in a win-win-win for patients, other stakeholders, and the specialty lab.



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