Helping Telehealth Companies Retain Customers and Broaden Product Offerings




Telehealth companies are experiencing rapid growth, but also increasing regulatory scrutiny, especially around the prescribing of antibiotics.

In several states, Boards of Medicine are actively reviewing current best guidelines and indicating that prescriptions for medications, especially antibiotics, should not occur unless a diagnostic test is performed to confirm the appropriateness of such a prescription.

At the same time competition from walk-in clinics and urgent care centers and even free standing emergency rooms, is forcing telehealth companies to offer at least a similar level of clinical care. Consumers want the certainty that comes from a diagnostic test before they start to take medications.

What all this means for telehealth companies is that unless they have an easy, cost effective way to empower their physicians to order and use lab diagnostics in their practice of medicine, they risk losing the patient to other points of care.



Analyte Health works behind the scenes to provide all the necessary “plumbing” to allow telehealth companies to instantly offer a wide variety of laboratory testing on a national basis.

With our proven integration capabilities, and national network of provider labs and at-home collection kits, we can ensure that telehealth physicians can assist their patients with the power of diagnostics in all 50 states.

With an a la carte menu of services, designed around a per use processing fee, the Analyte Health solution ensures that telehealth companies retain customers and broaden their product reach, without major up-front investment



National footprint of lab partners

Immediate national coverage

Proven integration capability

Robust test menu

Attractive “pay as you go” business model

Experience in the telehealth space