Through these assets, we offer physician-approved diagnostic testing for multiple clinical conditions and questions.  In these instances, consumers receive a physician’s order for testing based on responses they provide to a medical intake.  After receiving the order they are directed to one of Analyte Health’s clinical laboratory partners, where the appropriate specimen is collected.

The partner lab performs the test and results are automatically delivered to Analyte Health’s custom-built consumer message center.

Based on the disease condition, and the test results, results are either passed directly to the Analyte Health secure consumer-facing, HIPAA compliant message center where consumers can view them, or to the Care Team that facilitates an interaction with a physician. The entire consumer experience is supported by elegantly designed, easy-to-understand digital content and our highly rated, 100% domestically operated Care Advisor call center.


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Concerned consumer

Online Intake, Physician Ordered test

Draw and testing at existing lab or mailed kit

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Test results available electronically

Virtual Physician consult & action plan

Prescription or local care referral

To provide the best possible clinical and consumer experience, Analyte Health offers consumers the opportunity to test “at the lab” via relationships with well-known national labs and select academic medical institutions, as well as “at home” via mail-based collection kits.  Whether samples are provided at the lab, or via a home collection kit, our rigorous clinical standards ensure that consumers receive reliable and confidential test results.

In addition to facilitating consumer-based transactions, we enable other healthcare stakeholders to make cost effective, confidential, and convenient diagnostic information available to their target customers.  Examples include complementing pharmaceutical companies’ direct to consumer marketing efforts by facilitating requisite lab testing required for drug use, and powering a telehealth group’s ability to seamlessly order medically relevant tests as part of a telehealth consult.