At Analyte Health, our mission is very clear –

to help people live healthier lives through better  access to, and understanding of, their own health information.

That’s why we work here, and why we smile while we do. We know if we accomplish our mission, all the other pieces fall into place.


Analyte Health puts consumers in control of their health, by making it easier for them to obtain diagnostic health information about themselves.  We work directly with consumers, as well as telehealth companies, pharmaceutical companies, specialty diagnostics companies and consumer health and wellness brands, to provide easy access to appropriate lab tests.  We facilitate same day at-the-lab testing, as well as at-home collection testing, across a wide range of health conditions including:

digestive health and food sensitivity, general male and female wellness, family planning and fertility, competitive fitness, neurological disorders, allergies, genetic screening, genetic ancestry, and pharmacogenetics.  We have partnered with the leading reference labs and some of the world’s most innovative diagnostics companies to bring consumers the most helpful, innovative and accurate tests in the most convenient way possible. We are the oldest and largest independent company bringing the power of diagnostics more directly to consumers.

Founded 2008

Privately held

Headquartered in Chicago

Over 200 tests available

Over 2 million tests delivered to date

Operational in 49 states

On staff physicians

98% customer satisfaction

All CLIA and/or FDA approved labs