Our Physicians

As a company dedicated to the health and wellness of our customers, our physicians play a key role in all aspects of our business.  From product development to actually speaking with patients, our clinical leaders are committed to using their expertise to make a difference in our customers’ lives. Analyte Health’s clinical policies are developed and supervised by our Chief Medical Officer, Frank Cockerill, MD, and are put into practice in partnership with the Analyte Physicians Group.

Physicians involved with Analyte Health and Analyte Physicians Group are truly inspiring clinical practitioners. While other companies outsource their clinical work to nameless and faceless doctors and nurses, at Analyte Health, you’ll always know exactly who you are talking to, and know that they have your best interests at heart.

Frank Cockerill - Photo 2

Frank Cockerill, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Analyte Health

With over 30 years’ experience in patient care, laboratory test development, and leadership at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, Frank leads all clinical and quality efforts at Analyte Health with a vision shaped by patient advocacy and care. Recently, Frank received the G2 Intelligence Lab Innovation Award, recognizing his innovative approaches for diagnostic testing for patients through Analyte Health.

Analyte Health partners with an independent physicians group, Analyte Physicians Group, to provide medical services across the nation.  Analyte Physicians Group is headed by Dr. Michael Davies, its president and is composed of a national network of licensed physicians with years of experience treating patients through a telehealth delivery model.

Michael Davies - Photo 2

Michael Davies, MD


Analyte Physicians Group

Ruthann Cunningham - Photo 2

Ruthann Cunningham, MD

President and Physician,

Analyte Physicians Group