We make lab testing happen for telehealth.

Analyte Health is an integrated healthcare partner
that connects patients and telehealth providers with lab testing services. Learn More ยป

The Problem

Lab testing should be as easy as an online visit. But it isn't..

So, what makes laboratory testing so challenging?


Doctors, patients and labs are not in the same place.

Specimen collection

Poor logistics of specimen collection and transport

The Waiting

Test results turnaround time unknown


Lost or delayed results delivery to patient and doctor

about cost

Billing and payment confuse patients

The Solution

Our integrated solution connects the dots.

System integration

The Analyte Health system seamlessly integrates into your system. We make it easy to order tests, receive results and keep everyone in the loop.


Quality + Convenience

Care Advisors guide patients through the process. Collection is done at a local lab or at a patient's home for FDA-approved testing.


Privacy + Security

The Analyte Health platform complies with HIPAA and industry standards around data protection.


Insurance Adjudication

We handle all patient insurance data so the labs get the information they need.


Clear Next Steps

Personal action plans help patients learn what to do next and why it's important. When test results are complete, doctors consult with patients to discuss next steps.