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The Problem

You know that getting early diagnosis and treatment is better.

So, what is stopping your patients from getting the care they need?


Do I need to visit a doctor? What if I don't have one?

The waiting

How long will this take? Will I know that I am okay quickly?

Stress & Embarrassment

What if something is wrong? Will my doctor make me feel bad about myself?

Confusion about next steps

What should I do next? Where do I go? How
do I start?

about cost

What will my insurance cover and how much will I owe?

The Solution

Digital Diagnostics breaks the barriers:


Online Clinics give your patients access to doctors and counselors anywhere, anytime. No appointments, no parking, no waiting.



Get same-day access to local lab testing. Fast lab test results, most in 72 hours. No long waits to see the doctor or delayed lab test results.



Online Clinics allow patients address personal health issues in the privacy of their home. No embarrassing face-to-face conversations in the doctor’s office.


Cost Transparency

Get insurance cost estimates or a simple flat fee. No mystery about how much care will cost.


Clear Next Steps

Personal action plans help patients learn what to do next and why it's important. Analyte Health doctors are available for a phone consult to discuss diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. *